Five Decorating Myths To Dispel

A myth is one of those generalist ideas that somehow become set in stone, with people believing and abiding them come hell or high water. Strangely, the design industry is full of them and sadly they’re often completely misguided. We thought we’d turn a few of the more popular myths on their heads, and get you thinking a little more creatively.

"You should only apply trends to small, replaceable items in your home"

Lounge room sofa with cushions and rug in black and white Chevron pattern

We know this isn’t true. If it was, trends wouldn’t exist! Take dark painted walls or a chevron pattern; if these guys aren’t splashed generously, they couldn’t be used at all. Go big or go little – it’s really about taking the essence of the trend and thinking about how you’re going to interpret it. But don’t wimp out just because something is a trend, or you’ll end up with something you don’t really love and what’s the point of that?

"You must only have one pattern as the star in a room"

Bedroom with floral curtains with Asian style artwork

Yawn! Anyone can apply different patterns to a room. Sure, it’s difficult and if you call on the skill of a professional interior designer to pull it off successfully, then who’s to know? The trick is in the mix of the scale, pattern and colours.

"Ceilings must be white to make the room look bigger"

Dining room with blue painted ceiling

We love busting this myth. Ceilings are an entirely overlooked element in most schemes. We believe it’s perfectly acceptable to play around with what’s going on at the top of your room. The options are many. Add a moulding for a more formal look, pop up some wallpaper or a drop a small false ceiling of timber and drop a pendant in the middle. Ceiling space is all up for grabs and adding an extra layer can really nail a unique look for your room.

"Always put your best, most expensive piece front and centre in a room"

Entry with console and mirror

No! Not unless it’s the most ideal fit for the space. If it’s high quality and in the ideal place, its beauty will shine, but try forcing it to work in the prime spot and you may just detract from all that is good about it.

"Only ever have cushions in odd numbers"

Living room decor with artwork and cushions

People follow this like they’ll be been struck down by lighting for even considering deviating. Of course you can use even numbers when decorating with cushions; one trick is to strike a level of discord. To do this try using vastly different patterns or textures, because the aim of this game is to catch the eye. If that feels a bit beyond your comfort zone opt to use the same pattern to create rhythm.


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