When good pendants go bad
It’s easy to look at a room and love it, but what about when something in it just doesn’t seem right? In my profession, I see plenty of this. I call it design gone wrong! A great example I see time and time again is the use of pendants. Sure, the pendant might be OK, but with poor execution, not only does the product look ineffective, but the whole space can appear misshapen and out of proportion.

In this example above, the overall concept’s good. The location is fine, but the globes should either tier from the top, creating a waterfall or cascading effect, or they should be separated into different groups. If both of these options weren’t possible, they should have been arranged in a single cluster all on one level. Taking it a step further, it’s the
selection of the pendant’s length that’s also let the whole space down.

Here, we see the opposite. The room doesn’t have a pendant, but instead two dinky ceiling lights that would be better placed in a school. They look totally out of place, particularly in this warm, country-style dining space. Perhaps the budget didn’t stretch to lighting?! If it was me, I would have chosen pendants with some contrasting colour and organic shapes. Think black wrought iron.

The two pendants in this image (see far right!) look very lonely - they’ve had an argument and opted for a trial separation! It would have been far more effective to choose a chain suspension looped over the sofa, and create a larger statement. This is a strong interior with a gritty, industrial feel, which is not enhanced by lights that appear shy and retiring. It needs big and bold!

Finally, this space is well designed and attractive, but the pendant does it no favours. For starters, it adds an ugly new proportion against the rather nice ceiling height glazing behind it, and then jars visually against the bold table lamp. Overall, the room didn’t need the light in the first place! Sometimes, like so many things in life, a little restraint goes a long way.

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# Susie
Friday, 27 June 2014 7:04 PM
This is a great article :-)
I'm agonising over pendant lights at the moment and these are some great examples of what not to do.

Thanks so much :-)
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# swarovski store
Friday, 22 August 2014 4:33 PM
Wow, perfect. Fortunately, I found your website!
# Annalise
Tuesday, 8 September 2015 5:28 PM
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