To DIY or Not To DIY
If you’re considering home improvements, you may also be thinking DIY. However,

DIY is not for everyone. For starters, it can cost more in time, which can negate 

any monetary savings you make. So here are our tips to help you either plan for 

your project, or help you decide whether to DIY or not to DIY.

- Start by giving yourself and your project a sense of order and progress. And that 

means making a list and plan of all the areas you would like to see changed. Make

sure you include everything – even if it’s something small like changing a door 


- Take your list and write a number next to each item to prioritise. Approach your 

priorities with consideration to your time frame for completion.

- Next, review each task and place an A or B next to each item: A = DIY, B = hiring

a professional. 

It sounds easy enough, but consider these things. Do you want your entire 

weekends given over to your DIY project? If you have given yourself 12 months for

everything on the list, are you happy to live in a ‘work in progress’ house site? 

And will you be OK with your DIY, non-professional finish? There’s a reason why 

we use professionals. They have trained long and hard to do exactly what you 

think you can master in a week. 

Whatever you decide, choosing to DIY is not for the fainthearted. It’s a real test of 

patience and persistence. Just look at the contestants on The Block! But the sense

of achievement at the finish line – not the mention the savings – is pretty 

compelling when you get it right. Good luck!


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