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Alex Honey

Hi, hello there, I'm Alex Honey. Interior designer, creative director and sometime cat herder behind Sterling Interior Design, based from my specialist home design showroom and decoration store in Brisbane.

I'm guessing you are here to get a feel for what kind of person I am and how my outlook on life influences the interior design work.

Great! You can relax because I'm not about to do a hard sell about being the greatest, most fabulous interior designer in Brisbane. But I would like to talk about confidence.

Why do people choose Sterling Interior Design?

My clients want to feel confident. Confident that their ideas will work and confident knowing when their ideas won’t work. Confident that someone else will have the right idea when they don’t. Confident that someone is going to listen, free up their time and keep working until the job is done.

When clients first contact Sterling Interior Design they’re certain about wanting to make changes to improve their property and lives and realise that time for a DIY just isnt a priority nor would their design work achieve the kind of quality outcome suited to the calibre of their home or personal aspirations. That’s when I invite them to start the journey to realising their goals with an In Home Consultation.

A journey of design discovery

So if you fancy embarking on an interior design, home renovation or decorating journey with confidence then I’d love to help you. I'll bring my unlimited reserve of fresh creative energy and design skills that I've been polishing since 1995.

There is never any charge for my enthusiasm, humour and practicality!

What do you think? I hope I've shared enough of my, inclusive, committed and down to earth nature to know if I’m the right interior designer for you. I certainly hope so.

Oh and it’s not just me you get on your side. I'm a team player with an ace architect, trusty trades and smart suppliers. You’ll definitely be in good hands.

 Thinking about what to do next?

If you have a few initial questions our FAQ page can help. Or feel free to pop into the showroom and let’s chat about your project so I can let you know how we can help you get confident about the next steps. You can call me on 0423 468 865 or just fill out the  contact form.

Otherwise, if you're not quite ready to jump in why not join other design and decoration lovers who are following our blog. Or pick up new ideas and stay in touch with our Brisbane interior design and decoration community with our newsletter.
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